Customer Testimonials

We love our new house – it’s beautiful!

Gary and Allison Reddick

It's rare today to find a company that follows through on all the details and does everything they say they will. Madison did just that. Their work was excellent but what also impressed our family was their commitment to customer service and to good communication. Throughout the project they were always responsive, professional, and honest. We were most pleased with the overall experience and the outcome of our new addition.

Jennis Thomas

Four years after our very positive experience completing an addition/renovation with Madison Construction, we are still so pleased with their commitment to their work. The quality of their work has exceeded even our initial expectations, and in addition, Gary Knight and his whole team continue to be a source of advice and support in our effort to maintain and improve our home. Anytime we have questions, need direction or advice, Gary Knight and his whole team are there to steer us down the right path. We look forward to having Madison Construction complete Phase II of our project someday. We would never consider anyone else after our wonderful experience - an experience that is consistent across Madison's projects and something that can be hard to find in this industry.

Corey and April Neil

Working with Madison Construction was a pleasure from start to finish. They brought tremendous design talent to our project and were able to transform our cramped and outdated spaces into more modern and usable ones designed perfectly for our family. When the final paint was dry and the last nails were drilled, we were delighted that they executed our original vision to a “T”.

Brian and Leianne Brown

We purchased our home on Davis Islands primarily for the lot and the potential the house had in regards to floor plan and expansion opportunities. After interviewing home builders to remodel this home we chose Madison Construction based on their renovation experience and in-house design capabilities. One of the key factors in this decision was that as early as our first meeting, Gary mentioned that Madison looks at remodeling with an eye to adding value to the entire home and not just additional square footage. While in the design phase with Gage, Gary and Dustin, we layed out a plan to expand the house which also included improving some of the existing interior problems. In four and half months from commencement, John Wylie and his team delivered an 1,100 square foot second story, 300 square feet of remodeled interior, new roof and 200 sf of new front porch and entry. As with any remodeling project, we uncovered numerous items not directly related to the remodel that needed to be fixed. Madison took an interest in fixing these items quickly and correctly and was fair about the pricing of these extras. In looking to future projects, we will consult the expertise of Gary and John, and choose Madison again.

Marlo Woodward