Custom Designed AdditionsCustom Designed Additions
For Your Tampa Bay Home

Many people just do not want to move: "we love the neighborhood…" "we love our home…" "we love the charm…" "we love the schools…" "we love our neighbors."

When preparing for a major restoration or addition, the questions are endless: "can a second story be added…" "can we live in the home…" "will it look like an addition…" "can that wall be removed…" "what are the limitations in the flood zone…" "can I build a cabana or guest suite at the back corner of the lot…" "is that a protected tree and how close to it can I build…" "can it be completed before the baby is born…" "how do I get a variance…" "can you match the existing character of our home" and so forth. We answer these questions every day. Our design professionals listen to your wishes, investigate and understand your home and site, and then design the home you always wanted.

Custom Home Addition Designs

We know the change was a success when we hear your comments: "I can’t believe it is the same house…" "I can’t tell where the old house ends and the addition begins…" "I thought we would have to move to get something this nice…" "I told my friends about Madison…" "can you come to the house warming party."

Our designs start and end with your needs. Let Madison change the home you have into the home you always wanted.